Pawsome Pooch is a breeder of premium Labradors, specifically focussing on family and field Labs.

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About Us

Pawsome Pooch is run by Erika Alacs & Phoenix, and is located in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania. Our love affair with Labradors began when the affable Kasi joined our family, and to say that we were 'enamoured' would be an understatement. Since that time we have been joined by Luna, and are planning on adding more bitches as time goes on. We are an Australian Kennel Council registered breeder, and all our dogs come with full pedigrees.

The focus of our breeding program is in producing healthy and happy dogs suited for both home/family and field work. We aren't focussed on developing show strains, but more about how the dogs will perform. As such all our breeding bitches undergo full genetic and physical testing including Penn Hip scoring, considered the current 'gold standard' for hip scoring. By ensuring that our bitches are the healthiest they can be, then we are able to help your new puppy be their best.


Affectionately referred to as 'The KasilMonster', Kasi is an incredibly outgoing and excitable girl, with an empathy guaranteed to melt any heart. She is a very large dog with a stokky body shape (inherited from her Dad) and is a rich chocolate color. Kasi loves her soft toys, and can often be found on the lounge in the evenings... this is with Otto the Octopus.


Luna is a very different dog to Kasi. A mad-keen retriever, Luna has the slight body shape of a field lab with a stamina to boot. She will just keep fetching until she drops! Luna is a sweet little girl with a very tactile nature. This image is Luna enjoying some time on the couch in her Pupstar Pants.

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